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Current Poetic Challenge

Poetic Prompt # 31

Write a poem on the theme of "letting go." 

List of Poems Received and posted below

- LET IT GO, LET IT GO!    By David B. Bates

- An Empty Quest 
by Roland R. Ruiz

- Bow Out 
by LaTanya Michael

- Letting Go for You and Them   
by Marikay Dewberry

- This Longing
  By Roland R. Ruiz

- Siphoning of the Leeches
By James Kenneth Blaylock

- Letting Go     
By John D. Call

- Letting Go    
By Glenn Currier

Below are poems received in response to the current poetic prompt
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- Glenn Currier, Editor

By David B. Bates

So yer tail is in a knot.
No idea where yer goin'.
'Cause you really don't give a squat!
Which way that life is flowin'.
Let it go!

Been this way a time or two?
Wanderin' down life's trail?
What, oh what am I gonna do?
Big success or doomed to fail?
Let it go!

Grab it tight! Hold on fellow!
The downpour won't last long.
Open up yer umbrella!
Come on strong!
Let it go!

Life always has it's ups 'n downs.
Careful, which way ya pick.
Show big smiles, lose the frowns.
Ya don't have to "be up the crick".
Let it go!

See how things improve
When finally, ya let things go.
Life, at last, is "in the groove"!
Sure looks like "Quid pro quo"!
Really great... to let things go!

"LET IT GO, LET IT GO!"  Copyright © 2017 by David B. Bates

An Empty Quest
By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio Recording by Roland    MP3  WMA

Dedicated: Those who seek a fullness
To one’s soul with the understanding that
Life can be cruel at times when searching
For remedies to quell an emptiness residing
Between the shadows of our hearts

Within the valley of our soul
Screams dreams alluding loneliness
Seeking a warmth to quell the cold
We stroll the avenues of an empty quest

We seek the shelter known as love
To calm the restlessness of a broken heart
In this rush we push we shove
Towards a destiny so bleak and stark

Between the sorrows of our guilt
Hides the memories of our shame
Unnourished of love they tend to wilt
We stutter in silence in offering blame

It’s hard to forget the times shared as one
Amid the tears we giggled with laughter
Creating a daughter along with a son
Not knowing the years would bring disaster

So know we’ll go our separate way
Regrets are lost as we build anew
For life is short no time to stray
Changes will come in the winds that brew

It’s best at times to take command
A rendering of peace as we depart
Decisions decided no longer demand
As we set sails to a new course we’ll chart

"An Empty Quest," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written September 10, 2017

Editor's Note
The three poems immediately below are partially in response to an email I sent to several poets I know, some of whom's poems are posted on this site.  In the email message I asked for responses to the current poetic prompt and mentioned that I was thinking about letting this website lapse because of a seeming lack of interest.  Afrer reading these three poems and other comments, I have decided ot hang in there for a while longer even though the expenses for maintaining my websites have gotten much higher in recent months.  My thanks to all of the PIP Poets and to those who read their work.. 

Bow Out
By LaTanya Michael

The scene was set
We said our lines
Wrote our stories
Took our place in time

The message sent
We didn't miss a beat
Time to pass the torch
None lost, no defeat

Simple, quiet- for just a second
Minutes passing
Audience in question
Time not wasted, this moment -a blessing

Farewell noted
Take care my dear friend
Lamentations dry
I bow out to you...

Letting Go For You and Them
By Marikay Dewberry

You are considering letting go
And have asked us to share what we know
About whether you should if you could but why would
You want to do it?

Whenever considering letting go
Here’s the one thing you should know
Things to take into consideration
In the Poetry in Progress nation:

Your decision doesn’t just affect you and me
But also those who click in the dead of night
To gain access to your site
To be inspired, consoled, and informed
As the rest of us are dormed.

It’s them you see and them you don’t
Who might silently hope you won’t
Close the site containing written rhymes
Lying dormant, ringing chimes
Of passion, humor, and such
For your time and efforts I thank you much!

No matter what you decide, my friend,
Our love of poetry will never end.

Farewell to Poets in Progress?
By James Brown

I’d miss you guys of wit and pen,
Whose verse, like mine, oft do us in.
Yet, gentle souls we maybe are,
Our words of life might carry far.

A simple rhyme sometimes is more
Than caustic speech we all abhor.
A noble craft we hearken to,
My time too short with all of you.

But, yet, so many read our verse,
While TV words are somewhat terse,
Our skill is one we dare not lose,
With none that’s left but other’s views.

Your poems thoughtful Christmas Gift,
Might give a very needed lift,
A troubled friend you never knew,
Was saved when he or she was through.

Editor's Note: This poem was written by James when he heard that I was considering letting the hosting of this website lapse due to lack of interest.  His poem encourages me to continue the site.  Thanks James.

Image: Surf with lovers

This Longing
By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio: Roland reading his poem MP3

Author’s Note:
The poem “This Longing” came about after my intestinal surgery in mid-2015, in which I almost died, I spent 8 hours in the operating room.  After finding out from my doctor along with my wife how close I came to losing my life these thoughts came to me, thinking the time was right for me to share my feelings in hope others who have lost their beloved will take solace in the words I’ve shared.  Thanks………puddles1947………..

Dedicated: Those who have lost the
Love of their life and try to cope
With feelings of loneliness
Which causes a heart to pine
For the sacred memories lost
But not forgotten

An urge I have not had before
Has settled upon my soul
A sadness deep in my inner core
Brings feelings somber and cold

Since your demise I'm not the same
Without your love there is no hope
My heart remains in constant pain
This longing I'm unable to cope

But in the middle of the night
I hear the whisper of your thoughts
In dreams which say all is right
They sing such beauty dearly sought

From visions stored so lovely cherished
What breathless time we enjoyed as one
The glow of your smile was always the fairest
Sweet images to keep and never shun

Calms the restlessness within my soul
Resolves the fears enlacing the heart
Ignites an ember that's no longer cold
Conveys a feeling of not being apart

Which gives me strength to face the day
A way for me to forget this surge
For the hurt and pain I hold at bay
Gives solace for the day we'll merge

For now I will accept this fate
Until the day when we shall meet
Embracing each other at heaven's gate
Enjoying the manna of his heavenly feast

"This Longing," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written August 23, 2015

Siphoning of the Leeches
By James Kenneth Blaylock

yesterday was congested with what
seemed all of life's many necessities

it appeared time was not of the fleeting kind, at the moment, as we were so easily amused

entertainers knew how to get us, to engross and titillate, with mass amounts of celluloid

but sooner or later age kicked in and we had to whittle those things away like rotten wood

now we can see the son more gloriously without all the siphoning of the leeches...

"Siphoning of the Leeches," Copyright © 2017 by James Kenneth Blaylock

Letting Go
By John D. Call

I turned onto the street
where my childhood home still stands
among the ghosts of long dead neighbors.

“Strangely familiar,” I say,
within a sudden rush
of memories.

It’s like a dream,
when you know what you’re looking at
even though it’s not at all the same –
my home most of all.

The two live oak trees in the front
that once framed the steps and porch
now almost totally obscure them.
The house seems to hunker down behind them,
as if somehow ashamed of the differences
that fifty years has made.

The nearby houses
that once oriented me in space and time
in my neighborhood – (the Meyers lived down the street
and the Ross’s next door, etc.)
now seem somehow reconfigured
and somewhat smaller that they used to be.

Then with a great sweep of sadness
I hear my voice say,
“This is not my home!”
It was as if I was returning
something borrowed from the universe –
a place – a time,
and, yes, for a while, years ago,
a home –

Editor's Comment on this poem
To be able to anchor readers in their spiridt and to transport their imagination to another place and time is one of the gifts of a brilliant poet and good poetry.  That is what happened to me as I read this fine piece.  Thank you John.    - Glenn Currier  

Letting Go
By Glenn Currier

I loved my work and did it well
and yes, on occasion it was hell
so I became ready to retire
to something perhaps deeper or higher
to my garden room and evening strolls
or even to the sphere of the soul.

I wanted to lay around a bit
as much as my wife would permit
listen to music and without shame
go to movies, travel, and watch the game
I thought it would be easy to leave my work
but useful occupation became my search.

I’ve done some things of which I’m proud
joined some poets and wrote of clouds
I took time to grow and create
but found it hard to sit and wait
with nothing to make my mark
to devote myself to things of the heart.

My biggest challenge still seems to be
letting go of others’ good opinion of me
when the only honor I should crave
is not what I accomplished or gave
but God’s love, his warm embrace
and his welcome into the realm of grace.

Dedicated to my beloved sister, Genie, who suggested that I write my poems not so much for others but for God.

“Letting Go,” Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier


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