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Because this group was disbanded on August 4, 2015, the material below describes what once was. Everything below can be transposed into the past tense. This page will eventually be either removed or changed.

Who we [are] were
Poetry in Progress [is] was a group of poets and others who enjoy poetry. We love to write and read our poetry or to just listen to the work of others. We meet the first Monday of every month from 7 to 8:30 pm in the DeSoto, Texas Civic Center

  • Learn how to understand poetry better and discuss the writing process (see our Poetry Lab pages)
  • Anyone who writes poetry or is interested in it is welcome
  • Participants are encouraged to bring and read two or three poems (their poems or the poems of others - past or present)
  • In the business portion of the meeting we discuss future activities and issues relevant to the group
  • Often we have a learning activity or a guest speaker at our meetings.

Who can join
Anyone who is interested in poetry and wants to enjoy it is eligible to join us. Please feel free to drop in to our meetings.

How to join

Guest Speakers

Our history
We began as a result of the Pleasant Run Poetry Write sponsored by the DeSoto Public Library. This project culminated in the Pleasant Run Poetry Night where poets read their poems (which were required to mention the paired words, "pleasant run," the name of one of the main drags in our city of DeSoto. More about our history

Progress of our group

Our Members
Several people in our group have poems listed in our "Poets" section.
Member list

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